Whole Body Workouts

Whole Body Workouts

The sole purpose of this article is to offer an opportunity for anyone who is short on time at the gym one day or even if you're just too busy to make it to the gym daily. 

First things First to ensure that you get the most out of your total body workout, I would suggest choosing exercises for each key movement pattern:

  1. Vertical Press (Overhead Pressing with dumbbell or barbell)
  2. Vertical Pull (Pull up, Lat Pull-Down)
  3. Horizontal Press (Bench Press, Dips, Push-ups)
  4. Horizontal Pull (Barbell Row, T Bar Row, DB Row)
  5. Hip Hinge (Romanian Deadlift, Good Morning)
  6. Squat/Knee Dominant (Back Squat, Front Squat, Goblet Squat)
  7. Bridge/Thrust (Glute Bridge, Hip Thrust, Banded Pull Through)
  8. Knee Flexion (Hamstring curl *lying or seated*)

Next, I would look at the programming/ structure of workouts:

  • 1-3 sets per exercise since the goal is to reduce time in the gym 
  • Reps will vary based on the intent of the workout. (Strength: 1-5, Muscle Building: 5-12, Recovery/Work Capacity: 12-20)
  • Utilize these workouts ideally 3 days per week. more is NOT better. 
  • Super sets are the most effective for getting a set amount of work done within a given time constraint. You can try "upper/lower", same muscle and or antagonist muscle groups when doing a super set. 

FINALLY, the workouts: 

1x20 Recovery/Work Capacity Workout: 1 set + abs at the end. The name is self explanatory, you'll perform 1 set of each movement for 20 reps. If completed in a reasonable time, feel free to do the circuit again. 

  1. DB Press
  2. Lat pull down
  3. DB Incline Press
  4. Dumbbell incline row (chest supported)
  5. Banded Goodmorning
  6. Goblet Squat
  7. Banded Pull Through
  8. Banded Hamstring Curl

Upper/Lower Total Body Super Set Workout: Pair an upper exercise with a lower exercise. Typically, pair a heavy compound lift with an accessory for higher reps.

2-3 sets: rest 90 sec between pairs. 

A1. Barbell Overhead Press x 6-8

A2. DB Romanian Deadlift x 12

B1. Pull-ups x 6-8

B2. DB Hip Thrust x 12

C1. Incline DB Press x 6-8

C2. Goblet Squat x 12

D1. Barbell Row x 6-8

D2. Hamstring Curl x 12


Antagonist Supersets: Objective here is to build muscle so reps will be higher for both exercises. 

2-3 Sets

A1. Seated Dumbbell Press x 8-10

A2. Lat Pull-Down x 10-12

B1. DB Bench Press x 8-10

B2. DB Incline Row x 10-12

C1. Front Squat x 8-10

C2. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift x 10-12

D1. Hamstring Curl x 8-10

D2. Banded Pull Through x 15-20

Wrap Up

Although, this may be an efficient way to structure your routine. DO NOT fall into the trap of trying to perform this style of training every day or doing the circuits multiple times.. YOU will burnout. Do the work and get out! 

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