Summer Time Supplements

Summer Time Supplements

This List Can Vary From Person to Person, But These 5 Supplements Are A Good Starting Point For Most. In addition, the supplements I listed here are awesome because they pair well with each other as a whole or seperately.  Stay Safe! 

  1. Vitamin D 
  2. Vitamin C 
  3. Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium) 
  4. Omega-3’s 
  5. Alpha Lipoic Acid / L-Carnitine 


An appropriate multivitamin will most certainly get you on the right track, so long as the vitamins and minerals are in the appropriate forms and dosages. 


Vitamin D 

  • Yes, you’re in the sun more but you’re also more than likely using sun screen and with this being one the top deficiencies, it wouldn’t hurt to have additional supplementation. 

Vitamin C 

  • Vitamin C is not just good for the winter months, the antioxidant properties of this vitamin will help with free radicals that we are constantly exposed to and because it is involved in the production of collagen you can use it as a cream as well to keep your skin healthy! 


  • Alright, so this one is even more important for those of us who are physically active or heavy “sweaters” like myself. Sufficient amounts of electrolytes will help you feel better and perform better inside and outside the gym.. If you fall behind you’ll notice more fatigue, decreased performance in the gym, muscle cramps, and weird cravings (particularly salty foods). 

Omega 3’s 

  • Doubling down on those of us in the active population, appropriate supplementation will have an effect on your overall health particularly as it pertains to inflammation from the gym and daily life. For the fair skin individuals, added supplementation may help healing and sunburn recovery faster on top of the benefits to the heart, brain, and joints. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid / L- Carnitine 

  • I lumped the two together because you can buy them separately or in tandem at a local Gnc or supplement aisle usually. ALA like fish oil has antinflammatory properties in conjunction with guarding against skin damage from prolonged sun exposure. L-Carnitine pairs nicely as these two create an antioxidant powerhouse that will assist in mitochondrial function, and anti-aging issues that can occur from excessive sun exposure. 


*With that being said, these are just my suggestions. Do your own research. *

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