Isometrics For Pain Relief

Isometrics For Pain Relief

Isometrics act as not only a potent strength stimulus, but also as a healing tool as well. 

Tendonitis issues are commonly caused by repetitive loading during sports and exercise. This tendon pain and dysfunction are often complaints among athletes and those who choose to be part of physically active populations. As of now, isometric muscle contractions and eccentric loading have been the go to treatments of choice by many in the wellness world to manage tendon pain and improve overall function.

Eccentric Loading vs Isometric Muscle Contractions

Both eccentric loading and isometric strengthening exercises are used to treat tendon pain, promote healing, and restore strength and function. Problem is, eccentric loading tends to be more painful to perform and puts the user at risk of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), especially if followed by a period of inactivity such as in a injury rehab setting.  Isometric exercise on the other hand is gaining popularity for its’ ability to produce significant pain relief in patients with tendon pain WITHOUT causing severe soreness.  Worth noting, isometric exercises provide an excellent starting point for anyone with tendon pain due to their control, safety, and low energy costs relative to their strength training exercise counterparts.  Benefits can be seen in both short and long duration isometric holds but the intensity of the exercise should be relatively high.  Some suggest having force of at least 70% of maximum voluntary contraction to see improvement, but for the average gym goer implementing simple body weight holds such as this will get the job done. 

For The Knee 

For The Knee and Achilles (Advanced)


Take Home Message

Implement Isometric Holds as part of your warmup even if you do not quite have nagging pain yet as a preventative measure and extra preparation tool. Or Add them as a superset after performing your main compound lifts such as doing a squat followed by a bodyweight hold. 
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