Can Plyometrics Gauge Physical Preparedness?

Can Plyometrics Gauge Physical Preparedness?

Wait, I should scale back my workout for today?

I am not saying ditch your PR attempt today on bench press or squat because you can't jump as high or throw as far as your accustomed too. However, it is worth paying attention too. 

Strength is largely a skill, and desired performance will be very dependent on a neuromuscular level because of the high integration and coordination between musculature and brain to perform specific tasks under high loads or in an explosive fashion.

So, one might argue (Me) that if suddenly your plyometric performance has dropped.. Consider how prepared you are. Perform a few of these moves down below and use them as a measuring tool for how ready you are for todays session! 

Upper body: 

Plyometric Pushups, Low Level to High Level: 

Lower Body


By no means is this a perfect science. Just a suggestion. 

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