Booty Building 101

Booty Building 101

If you're struggling with developing and strengthening your glutes, I have my top 5 glutes exercises that'll give you a rounder, stronger butt.

The glutes are some of the most powerful groups of muscles that not only play a major role in aesthetics but also day to day function as well. So, whether you're young, old, man or woman... A better butt is a MUST.

However, it is understood that just like all muscle groups.. there will be genetic factors and other anthropometric differences that may lead to seeing more "noticeable gains". One thing can be for certain though and that is if this muscle group is neglected it can lead to potential problems and imbalances elsewhere in the body along with piss poor aesthetics. 

This article is not designed to be too in-depth, instead the aim here is to get beginners on the right track, and help someone in a plateau perhaps have a breakthrough in pursuit to the booty they have always wanted. 

First things first you’ll want to ensure that you’re training them with at least one exercise from each of the following 5 categories. And this applies to both men and women.

  1. Thrust/bridge exercise - Great for building the upper and lower glutes. Provides the most amount of tension on the glutes when they're in the fully contracted position.
  2. Squat exercise - Emphasizes the lower glutes and quads. Provides the most amount of tension on the glutes when they're in a fully stretched position.
  3. Hinge/pull exercise - Emphasizes the lower glutes and the hamstrings.
  4. Abduction movement - Mostly emphasizes the upper glutes by targeting the gluteus medius. Which is a muscle that's often neglected.
  5. Lunge - The glute medius works throughout this exercise to stabilize your pelvis while the adductors work to hold your legs in that position as you lower into the movement.


From these 5 Categories I would pick and rotate these top movements: 

  1. Barbell Glute Thrust/Hip Bridge exercise - Set up MATTERS! The glute bridge should involve you laying flat on the ground, while the thrust you should begin with the upper body being elevated. *Add a band around the knees and focus on driving out to add more tension on the glute medius*
  2. Squat exercise - Low Bar Back squat if mobility allows would be the preference here. But if not make sure to practice pausing at the bottom, and during the descent SLOW DOWN. Remove the stretch-reflex and take your damn time. 
  3. Hinge/pull exercise - Wide Stance RDL would be my go to. Move the feet wider than normal on your RDLs to hit the glute maximus a little harder and add a challenge to the adductors as well.
  4. Abduction movement - Here I would make sure to do mainly banded movements like walking lateral walks with a band or seated abduction with a forward lean. 
  5. Lunge - I really like reverse lunges here to make sure you achieve the shin angle necessary for more glute involvement. 

Putting it all Together: 


Exercises Sets Reps
Barbell Hip Thrust Pyramid 1 of each 12, 8, 6, 4(Heavy), 20
Goblet Sq.- Wide Stance 3 15
Wide Stance RDL 3 8
Back Ext. (Glute Bias) 2 20
Band Seated Hip Abduction 2 20
Incline DB Press 2 10
Lat Pulldown 2 10


Exercises Sets Reps
Banded Glute Bridge 4 25
Reverse Lunge 3 12 (per leg)
Banded Pull-Through 4 25
Lateral Band Walk 3 20 steps each way
Cable Row 2 12
Barbell Row 2 10


Exercises Sets Reps
Barbell Hip Thrust 4 8
Bulgarian Split Squat 3 10
Goodmorning 3 8
Hip Adduction machine 3 10
Band Side Lying Clam 2 20
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 2 10
One Arm Row 2 10


Exercises Sets Reps
Single Leg Hip Thrust  3 20
Leg Press (Feet High) 3 10
American Deadlift 2 8
Band Standing Hip Abduction 2 20
DB Hammer 2 10
Tricep Pushdown 2 10
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